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OUR PUBLICATIONS - Monthly letters

In order to keep a close eye on the economic and financial environment as well as on client evolutions, 99 Advisory provides a continous research effort aimed at contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of various topics.

This work delivers 3 types of publications:
The section monthly letters tackles the economic and financial news to anticipate and manage risks.

The section points of view contributes to detailed analysis of regulatory matters or financial business segments.
We publish points of view semi-annually.

  •  The section in the Media covers the publications in the written news where 99 Advisory was approached to share its expertise and its work experience.

Monthly newsletter -

Monthly newsletter - March 2018

Risk and Reward – The increasing risk of third party vendors and their operational efficacy within institutional compliance and organisational structures
There are risks inherent in all business practices, including engaging and deploying RegTech and FinTech solutions. There is a need to quantify and qualify the risks posed, which can provide not only risk management capability, but efficiency savings too.

Fintech and RegTech – The Risks You Do Not See

FinTech and RegTech vendors are a necessary part of the landscape of financial services. They are able to fulfil often complex and immediate requirements of institutions who require support and the flexibility, both financially and technologically to adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

Within the regulatory and compliance landscapes, there is a requirement to react quickly to the will of regulators, internal and external audit functions and indeed the changing nature of regulations which impact the industry.

This need for a ready-made and purpose-built solution can lead to a patchwork of FinTech and RegTech firms embedding themselves in the organisational framework, even at a fundamental, enterprise-wide level. The embedding of FinTech and RegTech vendors within a firm is not in itself cause for alarm, however the volume of FinTech and RegTech firms keeping enterprises operational is often unknown and the question of data security and its impact should one fail, remains unquantified.

This paper outlines the steps towards the assessment of the risk which is, regardless of firm size, present in any organisation adopting third party solutions, as well as the mitigation actions which can be taken as a result.


There are a variety of solutions in the marketplace offering to answer the challenges financial services firms face. Whilst it is alluring for institutions to look on these offerings as a ‘magic bullet’ solution to all their current challenges, it might in fact be the exact opposite.

Financial services firms have been historically and continue to be overwhelmed with the level of regulation and compliance initiatives which are underway, with MiFID II being just one, albeit large, example of this highly complex and fluid regulatory environment.

It should come as no surprise that when a solution is proposed by a vendor which takes even a small segment of the pain of compliance and regulatory adherence away, institutions are more than willing to listen to and often, pay for it.

Piecemeal compliance and regulatory patchwork approaches that the majority of institutions have adopted take on the guise of a ‘just-in-time and ‘just-enough to comply’ mind-set. These approaches begin a cycle that lends itself well to the continual adoption of patch-solutions, whilst avoiding looking at the bigger compliance and regulatory picture.
Figure 1 outlines below the root cause of lost or compromised data as a result of a breach or security incident from firms in relation to their personal data.
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Monthly newsletter - September 2017

A Roadmap to Compliance Framework and Methodology Creation
Changes in the regulatory landscape challenge compliance function efficiency and impose that they constantly review their operative model and processes. Hence the need to construct a fit-for-purpose framework, which can provide longevity to a range of applications, both in terms of cost and maintenance.
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Monthly newsletter -

Monthly newsletter -

Creation of an intermediation bank in asset management
Validation of the target scheme...
Re-organisation of an Investment Fund dealer
Redesign of cross-functional processes...
Audit of the regulatory reporting process (SURFI & COREP)
Operating process analysis including data quality and regulatory assessment...
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