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OUR PUBLICATIONS - Points of view

In order to keep a close eye on the economic and financial environment as well as on client evolutions, 99 Advisory provides a continous research effort aimed at contributing to a better knowledge and understanding of various topics.

This work delivers 3 types of publications:
The section monthly letters tackles the economic and financial news to anticipate and manage risks.

The section points of view contributes to detailed analysis of regulatory matters or financial business segments.
We publish points of view semi-annually.

  •  The section in the Media covers the publications in the written news where 99 Advisory was approached to share its expertise and its work experience.

Point of view -

Point of view - 1st June 2018

Trade Finance: Revitalizing revolution
Trade Finance has been a well established and important business for banks and financial institutions. Nevertheless, since the financial crisis of 2008, a dramatic slump (about 20bn dollars, source WTO) in trade finance has impacted all main trade actors: buyers, sellers, shipper, banks, insurance, freight forwarders and legal companies. Bankers and their corporate clients have been facing increasing burden of regulation, high capital and compliance costs.

Since the sovereign debt crisis in 2011, US banks restricted dollar loans to their counterparts in Europe because of raised risk. Much of the world's commodities trade is in dollars, so the commodities trading business has been heavily impacted. The digitalisation (blockchain, smart contracts or electronic processes) also raised questions on finance trade’s security and transparency.

With the growth in international transactions and the supply chain finance development, traditional trade finance has to answer growing challenges.
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Point of view -

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Point of view -

Point of view -

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